Wednesday, April 14, 2010

a (not so) productive day

Things have been hectic lately. The lab work is ramping up, and finals and papers are rapidly approaching. I decided to be extra productive today. I got to lab early and got one reaction going and did some sampling for someone in the lab who is out all before my morning class. I came back from class and looked at my samples and did the next round of lab work before lunch. After lunch I set up another reaction and finished sampling for the person who is out before the whole lab went over to a nearby school for a particularly relevant talk. I came back looked at my reaction, and did the final bit of lab work in time to go meet with my cohort to discuss Darwin's Origin of Species that we have been reading in monthly installments. I was busy all day, and was all ready to feel like I had accomplished something... except that the reactions I was trying were not working. The DNA refuses to amplify, and I keep returning to square one. I will keep trying, but it kind of feels like all my efforts to be super-productive today were a waste. Sigh.

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