Thursday, December 10, 2009

warning: completely random...

A friend and I were instant messaging (ok fine, procrastinating) today, and somehow we started thinking how amusing it would be if the ocean was made of wine. This conversation turned into a discussion of what a great cartoon this fantasy world could make. Drunken crabs and fishes stumble-swimming all over the place... Yes, I am a biologist, and I realize that this is not actually feasable, but neither are talking sponges or deep sea fast food chains, and that cartoon has managed to take off and might have even taught some kids a bit of science along the way! If only I knew how to animate. This is what happens when exams start turning my brain to mush!

Do any of you readers have suggestions for things you would enjoy seeing on such a cartoon?

1 comment:

  1. Ha ha, always the educator! You think we can teach the kids with a wino Sponge bob? That might be starting 'em a little young, eh? :)

    I really like the idea of drunken angler fish running into each other with their light organs. That at least deserves a T-shirt design.