Monday, December 28, 2009

More holiday ruminations

Two bloggers that I follow (FSP and Karina) have inspired me to write this post because we all share Christmas time birthdays. I wrote a bit about this before the holidays happened, but now that they are almost over I can say that it really was wonderful. My birthday was great because exams and such were over, and I was able to spend it with a few important people I don't see very often. In the past I have spent my birthday working and hectically trying to finish up before winter holidays, or at college when friends were either taking exams or gone already for break. As a child I celebrated my birthday in the summer because my mom wanted nothing to do with planning a winter party that close to Christmas (quite a brilliant move on her part I must say). This year my housemate threw me a party, I had no work to do, and my advisor told me not to come into work (lab policy: no coming in on your birthday)! These festivities really got me in the spirit for Christmas with the family.

While living away from my family for the last few years, these winter holidays were always a bit stressful because I struggled to fit in seeing everyone I wanted, and doing everything I felt I needed to do during the few days I was there. This year was different. I made the 20 minute trip to my parents house and stayed there for a few days. There were no out of town guests, and no trip to be made out of town. There was no dressing up, and no fake formality with people I am not totally comfortable with. Instead it was really relaxed. This is the first truly stress free holiday that I can remember!

I went back into the very empty lab today for a productive day's work, and now sitting on my couch there is no work to do... it is a strange feeling, and one that I am trying to enjoy and not feel guilty about because I know it wont last long. I had a long meeting with my advisor about my project today, and things are about to get busy! Here's to a cheerful ringing in of 2010!! Bring it on, I am ready to get down to work.


  1. Happy belated Christmastime birthday! Glad your holidays were enjoyable.

    Also, you do read Working through the blue, right? I didn't see it in your blogroll and I'm not sure if you two have "met" each other in the blogosphere or not.

  2. Thanks Karina... same to you. I was not aware of Working through the Blue, so thanks so much for sharing!

    Happy New Year!