Wednesday, September 2, 2009

the return to student-hood

This afternoon I am off to class. It is an interesting feeling, after teaching for three years, to be getting ready to be on the receiving end once again. I have gotten used to planning activities, thinking about the progression of topics, and yes making power point (well, keynote actually... to be a bit snotty) presentations that look just the way I want them to. The job of planning class and how best to teach various topics has been a wonderful challenge. Most importantly, getting students excited about science has been incredibly fun. But, now I have a different job. My new tasks are to figure out what the professor wants us to know for the test (that question I always hated answering as a teacher), stay organized and finish assignments on time, and carve out enough time for my research. The goal is also to have enough time left over to go climbing, hang out with friends and family, and generally stay happy.

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  1. I am also looking into going back to grad school, but I will be doing research and not classroom assignments :) I pretty much have a research project at hand, and I just need to enrol myself into a school, and start working on the proposal.

    All the best to you!