Sunday, September 20, 2009

On missing Texas, and lobsters

This is my parents and I at the beach by their new house in Maine. I promise that the navy blue theme was NOT on purpose.

This weekend I caught up with a few friends I left behind in Texas. Some former co-workers had a get together and they thought enough about me to give me a call! It meant a lot to feel remembered and missed, because I have certainly been missing them. I promised one friend a new blog post this weekend. I was psyched to hear that someone was actually reading my blog down there, but now there is pressure to write something interesting... thanks Nick!

I have started having Sunday night dinners at my parent's house. I have to admit that I really look forward to these evenings. Maybe because I was living far away from "home" for 3 years, or maybe because I have become a poor graduate student, but it is wonderful to be able to go back to the house that has always been home and have dinner with my parents. Tonight we had lobsters that my mom brought back from Maine. Lobster is something that has always been a special treat in my family. I remember learning how to eat lobster the right way when I was very young, and how my older brother used to try to trick me out of the best parts of my lobster. I remember having to "earn" my own lobster by showing my dad that I knew how to eat it without wasting any. At my old summer camp they had a lobster dinner on the last night, and I loved being able to teach people the proper technique. Yes, I can hear some of you now... I just like telling people what to do. I guess that might be part of it, but I also love sharing what I know with others... its a fine line though between that and being bossy. I've been working on walking that line years! Anyhow, now that my parents have this amazing house in Maine, I have somewhere just a few hours away where I can kayak, play around in tide pools (one of my all time favorite activities!), and eat lots of lobster.

More science next time... right now I have some Microbial Physiology reading that has been calling my name all weekend!

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