Sunday, July 12, 2009

Plugged in!

I have recently had the interesting, if painful, experience of having my computer's hard drive perish in a deadly crash. What it crashed into I have no idea, but it needed to be replaced. This meant no computer for the two weeks I was at my family's cottage in Ontario. I had planned to do a lot of work and was not able (I can hear you all... poor me!). I was also without cell phone (iPhone) access, and it all made me realize how plugged in I really am. I have no problem taking off for a month in the woods without being able to communicate, but that is pre-planned. The sudden loss of my technological security blankets (email, journal I keep on my computer, photos, music, access to work I need to get done) definitely stressed me out a bit. I do hate to admit it. I will admit to one more thing. After getting my repaired computer back this afternoon, I have been sitting here downloading, formatting, syncing, browsing, emailing, and even composing music (with GarageBand) for going on 5 hours now, and I am not close to bored yet!

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