Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Van packed - check!

The Van - ready to ship

In about two weeks I head out to the west coast to spend 3 weeks aboard the R/V Atlantis doing research on the hydrothermal vents. Hopefully we will have Alvin with us... but that is not certain (looooooong story).

We have spent the last month preparing for this research cruise. Everything from radiation permits to hiring a crane to load our shipping container/mobile laboratory onto the truck, to labeling hundreds of sampling tubes, to ordering equipment, to fixing broken equipment had to be taken care of... not to mention designing experiments and anticipating everything we might need to carry them out on the ship.

The lab-mate who I have been organizing all of this with described it as if someone who had never baked anything was told to make a cake... its easy just mix the sugar and flour and bake it. That is how we have felt for a good part of the last month... lots of figuring things out along the way... it has been frustrating at times, but as I sit here our shipping container is fully packed and ready to be picked up tomorrow, and that feels good.

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