Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Somehow I assumed that after classes were over my life would open up and I would have free time to do things like read, or scrapbook, or hike, or sit outside and enjoy the sun, or even cook some good meals again. I suppose that any of you who actually know me will not be at all surprised when I say that none of that has happened, and that, somehow, that surprised me. Now that classes are over I have transitioned into finding-testing-fixing-packing-ordering-labeling-organizing-contacting for the upcoming cruise. I have prepared for extended trips before, but I have never had to plan for doing experiments on a boat, especially the kind of experiments that haven't been done before. This is a daunting task - equal parts frustrating, exciting, and confusing. I guess that is what grad school is all about though, figuring out how to do things that no one is going to tell you how to do, and coming up with what other things you should do alongside the ones you will, theoretically, figure out how to do soon... hopefully. Throw in some last minute grant writing and surprise potential structural issues with the sub we are supposed to be using on the ship and this week has already been crazy than most. I fear that the upward trend in monthly goal setting will not continue in May!

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